Monday, July 19, 2010

Bacon Turkey Southwestern Wrap

I had a great wrap at hoagie place and duplicated it at home. It was nice to have something different than a sandwich for a change.

- Spinach Tortilla ( That is what I had at the sandwich place but didn't have any at home so just used my whole wheat tortillas)
- Shredded Lettuce
- Turkey breast deli meat
- Cooked bacon
- Shredded cheese
- Chipotle Mayo ( this is the key ingredient. I got it at my local Ridley's, trust me it is awesome!)

Warm tortilla, add everything inside of tortilla and wrap it up.
Simple, easy and delicious!


Evynn said...

Loved it. I made it for Lenny for lunch today and he downed it. It's so nice to have something quick and easy to make him for lunch. Thanks for sharing.

Evynn said...
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