Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grilled Pizza

Hey- I arrived here late so I want to add to some older themes that I missed out on. This is a new recipe (or idea) that we have just tried this summer. It's unique and a lot of fun. And yes, this is pizza on the grill!!

your favorite pizza dough recipe
your favorite toppings

Get all your toppings ready to go. Roll out your pizza dough to a size that will fit onto your grill. If you are a beginner, you may want to start with smaller sizes. Baste one side of the dough with olive oil (I added minced garlic to my oil last night & it gave a nice flavor). Place the oiled side down on the grill and close the lid. Here is where you need to really watch it. The temperature of your grill will determine how fast it will cook. It should take about 2-5 minutes. Large bubbles are a sign to turn the dough over. Once the first side has a few charred marks on it, oil the remaining side with oil and then flip the dough over. Close the lid. Again, another 2-5 minutes or until you get those marks. You are not trying to completely cook your dough at this stage!

Remove the dough from the grill and quickly add your sauce and toppings. Place pizza back onto grill until cheese is melted. If your dough finishes cooking before the cheese melts you can throw it under your broiler to finish melting the cheese. Be careful when loading toppings... you want to be able to manage the pizza without losing them into the grill. Remember to pre-cook your meats...I'm not insulting your intelligence, some just might forget. Now get out and try this before the summer is over!

TIPS: Sprinkling oregano on top of the cheese is a secret to great tasting pizzas.
Be adventurous and try different sauces and toppings. ex. alfredo or garlic sauces
You can also add italian spices to the dry ingredients when making your dough for extra flavor.

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J-Babe said...

I tried the grilled pizza tonight and loved it, I also grilled breadsticks. Thanks for the fun idea!