Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deer Taco's

In my family growing up hunting was always a big part of my dad's and brothers lives. I even went with them a couple of times and enjoyed it. Last fall I went with my dad deer hunting and ended up getting one. You really don't get a lot of meat off of a deer but I do have many baggies in my freezer that I would like to eat up before we go again this fall. Steve my husband is not a big fan of deer meat until he tried it this way that I did last night. We have agreed that it is the best, if not only:), way of eating deer meat. Thanks Mark and Angie for the recipe!

Deer Taco's

- deer meat
- HERDEZ hot sauce ( this is the key ingredient here so you have to get it,I got it at my local Cooks in the Mexican aisle, there are also a couple of different varieties and we used the salsa ranchera, seriously, I love this new found sauce and will use it with all of my mexican dishes.)
- corn tortillas
- limes
- cilantro
- cheese
- any other taco toppings you want

*Cut up your deer meat into the tiniest sized peices you can, at least smaller than bites size, and cook in skillet until juices run dry.
* (depending upon your taste, we used a half of can) Add hot sauce to meat and cook until it dries up.
* Cook your corn tortillas in skillet, add deer meat, cilantro, cheese and squeeze some lime juice on top and you are done.
* If you have any deer meat you really need try this!

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