Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{ Rice Crispy Nest }

This is a must tradition in our house EVERY year! But not just for Easter through out the entire Spring!

Step 1: You make your Rice Crispy Treats as usual but place them in lightly greased muffin tins to form the nest. (we like to use the Chocolate Rice Crispies) Make sure to push the Rice Crispie/Marshmallow mixture down into the cups fairly good or they won't hold their shape.
Step 2: Color some coconut green with food dye in a Ziploc bag to make the grass. Sprinkle on top of the nests.
Step 3: Top with some Jelly Beans for the eggs.

Great recipe to do with the kids they'll love it!
ENJOY! Happy Easter everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Creative! I think my kids will love this one.