Monday, October 19, 2009

{ mmm good homemade chicken noodle soup }

This is for sure my families favorite soup. But I want to give a little background. I grew up cooking by taste, sight, and smell and so most of my recipes are "very flexible" or not a concrete recipe. This is very much one of those recipes. Don't let that scare you in fact I hope it empowers you to try it and change it as you will.

I can my own chicken stock by mixing chicken parts with water, onion, celery etc. then straining and pressure cooking. You can use any chicken broth homemade or store bought to accomplish this.

I feel a large stew pot, half full with chicken broth then I add some garlic, salt and pepper, a little sage, and more onion. If I have carrots I dice and get them boiling with the broth.

Meanwhile, I make the homemade noodles:
(This recipe is plenty for my family of seven in parenthesis is the original recipe)

6 cups of flour (1 1/2 for every batch)
4 eggs (1 egg)
4 egg yolks (1 egg yolk)
1 tsp. salt (1/4 tsp. salt)
Enough water to make a moderately stiff dough

Mix all the above ingredients in a mixing bowl ( HINT: water last) mix for 10 min after you get the water where you want it. After you mix roll dough out till thin ( HINT: your choice how thin you want to go but it seems to double after it is cooked) roll like a cinnamon roll or pumpkin roll and cut into strips ( HINT: I usually cut them 1/4 inch but if you like thin noodles go smaller)
Toss with plenty of flour and then fill your stew pot back up to half way get to boiling again and then put your noodles in (HINT: adding the flour with your noodles makes your soup "CREAMY" so if you don't like that add less flour and more water to your pot.)
Boil for 10 min and ENJOY!


J-Babe said...

Made these noodles tonight and they were very easy and turned out great. I have always been afraid to try making my own noodles because I heard you have to make them, let them dry and it takes forever. This was nice and fast. Thanks!

J-Babe said...
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