Monday, November 10, 2008

Butterhorn Rolls

I got this recipe from Brittnee and they are so so good! If my directions sounds confusing let me know, they are really easy to make and I promise if you make them, they will be gone by the end of the night:)

Butterhorn Rolls

- 1 T yeast
- 1 T Sugar
- 1/4 C. Water
*let this sit while you do the stove top mixture

- 1/2 C Butter
- 1 C. Milk
- 1/2 Sugar
- 3/4 tsp Salt
*Add above mixture into a large mixing bowl with yeast mixture

- 3 eggs
- 4 C. Flour

Let dough raise until double.
Divide raised dough into two sections.
Roll out one section into a circle and brush a thin layer of butter on them.
Use pizza cutter and cut out 12 pieces (just like a pizza wedge)
Roll a piece starting from the wider end into the middle
Let raise on cookie sheet about 20 min
Cook @ 350* for 12-15 min

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